• Stefani Domenico

My New Website is Live!

I am so excited about my new website design. My previous website was fun and I will sort of miss her, but this is an exciting new look for an exciting new time in my life! Diving back into the world of Freelance Graphic Design after spending the last several years primarily focused on my Wonder Pawz business. My new site still needs some work and the mobile site is currently under construction. However, I wanted to go ahead and launch this baby!

The main photograph used on my new site (you know- the hip one with the old brick building) is a photograph I took in New Orleans, Louisiana back in the Spring of 2019.

I love that city and I sure do miss travelling these days.

Please look around and feel free to email me with any comments or questions about my new website or to chat about what design services I can offer you.

The second photo you see here with the black background is of my old website, just in case you never saw it and are just now finding me!

Thank you, Stefani Domenico

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